The AI Forum Executive Council will make submissions to Government where relevant, to help bring together New Zealand’s community of artificial intelligence technology innovators, end users, investor groups, regulators, researchers, educators, entrepreneurs and interested public to work together to find ways to use AI to help enable a prosperous, inclusive and thriving future for our nation.

If you would like to propose AI Forum NZ make a submission, let us know what the submission would relate to and the key points you would like to see raised and the Executive Council will review your proposal.

Our Submissions

New Zealand Copyright ReviewOct 2018Submission
Towards New Data Statistics LegislationNov 2018Submission
Future of WorkJun 2019Submission
Algorithm Charter for Aotearoa New ZealandFeb 2020Submission
Digital Strategy for AotearoaNov 2021Submission
Data and Statistics BillDec 2021Submission