Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Before contacting us, check to see if your question is answered below.

Q: Who can join the AI Forum?

A: Any organisation with an interest in advancing New Zealand’s AI ecosystem and capabilities is welcome to join the AI Forum. When your organisation joins all staff are entitled to membership benefits. See here for more details on membership benefits and how to join.

Q: Can I join as an individual?

A: Our policy is that because the benefits of participating in the AI Forum’s activities accrue to the participant’s organisation, the Individual Membership category is only for individuals who are not directly employed by an organisation. (Eg company directors, retired). If you’d like us to talk to your leadership team about the benefits of joining, let us know!

Q: Can I interview someone from the AI Forum about a media story?

A: Yes, please fill in our Interview Request Form.

Q: Can someone from the AI Forum speak at our event?

A: Absolutely, we’d be happy to help. Please see our AI Forum NZ Speakers Page.

Q: We’re interested in holding a joint event with the AI Forum. Who do we contact about this?

A: Please contact our Events Team by email –

Q: How do I find out more about Artificial Intelligence in New Zealand?

A: The AI Forum’s Knowledge Hub is a curated collection of knowledge articles, data, case studies and learning resources for those with an interest in Artificial Intelligence in New Zealand.

Q: How do I get a job in Artificial Intelligence?

A: Check out the AI Forum’s New Zealand AI Ecosystem Map to see organisations working with AI in New Zealand. Check out their websites for job vacancies – also search for “Artificial Intelligence” or “Data Scientist” roles on major job sites including Seek and Trademe Jobs.

Q: How do I get involved in the AI Forum’s work?

A: Participation in the AI Forum’s Working Groups is open to staff of all member organisations. If your organisation is already a member, please complete the Expression of Interest form. If not, here are more details of How to Join the AI Forum.