Stuart Christie

Based in: Auckland

Stuart was the inaugural chair of the AI Forum of NZ.

With 30-odd years’ experience in the IT and financial services sector, Stuart had come to the conclusion that the widespread adoption of AI technologies would have a profound impact on NZ’s future social and economic position and felt compelled to establish a cohesive national response – to ensure we all benefit from its introduction. He has actively promoted the Forum’s mission, forged the relationship with the Partnership of AI and looked to democratise the Forum as much as possible through the establishment of the Working Groups.

Stuart is management consultant working with companies, corporates and investors focused on the commercialisation and value-realisation of FinTech, SaaS and AI opportunities. Previously Stuart has held senior positions in the early stage capital markets, banking and telecommunications industries as well as having co-foundered, grown and exited the mobile banking and payments company M-Com (now part of Fiserv).

Areas of expertise:

  • Strategy
  • Policy
  • Commercialisation
  • Early stage capital markets


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