WG1 – Forging a Coordinated AI Strategy for New Zealand

New Zealand needs a coordinated strategic approach to AI to maximize the benefits of AI for the whole population, prepare us for foreseeable effects on society and enable an effective response to AI investment by international businesses, governments and military organisations.

AI should be a core pillar of New Zealand’s Digital Strategy, facilitating an integrated approach to AI and the adjacent data sciences. New Zealand also needs to nurture a vibrant, well connected ecosystem of AI developers, researchers, private sector and the Government. Public AI investments should be coordinated across the AI value chain, from funding pure research and maximizing data availability to accelerating Government AI adoption and seizing innovative approaches to grow the talent pool. Increased private AI investment should be encouraged and facilitated through greater availability of AI focused capital, effective sharing of best practices, investment cases and increasing AI knowledge among company directors and managers.

Working Group Leadership:

Glen Willoughby, Victoria University of Wellington