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Microsoft’s new Iphone app narrates the world for blind people

Microsoft has released Seeing AI — a smartphone app that uses computer vision to describe the world for the visually impaired. With the app downloaded, the users can point their phone’s camera at a person and it’ll say who they are and how they’re feeling. They can also point it at a product and it’ll tell them … Continue reading "Microsoft’s new Iphone app narrates the world for blind people"
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Xero to up investment in AI space

Cloud accounting provider Xero is using its sturdy revenue growth to further cash in on the artificial intelligence and machine learning space, calling it the next era of accounting innovation. The dual ASX- and NZX-listed company recently posted an annualised revenue of $NZ360million ($A340 million) and said its operating cashflow hit break-even in the second … Continue reading "Xero to up investment in AI space"